Can I order the CHIKE directly from you?2022-06-06T17:52:10+02:00

No, we only sell our bikes through authorised dealers. This ensures that you always have a service partner who can advise you and you can also test ride the CHIKE.

What is the maximum gross vehicle weight of the CHIKE?2022-04-28T12:28:44+02:00

The permissible total weight of the e-kids and the e-cargo is 200 kilograms. This means that in addition to the 38 kg for the CHIKE itself, 162 kg can be divided between the rider and the load.

The other payload options also have maximum possible loads:

  • E-kids cabin: 60 kg
  • Euro boxes: 12 kg each
  • Luggage rack: 25 kg
  • Platform/box for E-cargo: 80 kg
  • Rider weight: 100 kg
Where can I test ride a CHIKE?2022-04-28T12:48:18+02:00

You can test ride a CHIKE at any of our retailers and get expert advice on top of that! You can find a map with all our dealers here..

What are the current delivery times for the CHIKE?2022-04-28T12:50:19+02:00

We try to keep delivery times as short as possible. Your local dealer can give you concrete details.

What sizes is the CHIKE available in?2022-04-28T12:52:13+02:00

The CHIKE is available in one size and fits riders between 1.60 m and 2.00 m. The CHIKE is easily adjusted to the rider’s height by adjusting the saddle height. The CHIKE can then be adjusted to your exact requirements at a retailer. You can find your nearest dealer via the dealer search.

Where is my CHIKE built?2022-04-28T13:03:45+02:00

The aluminium frame is welded according to our design and specifications in Taiwan, one of the leading countries in bicycle frame construction. The cabin and the transport platform/box are manufactured by our partners in Germany. Powder coating, wheel spoking and assembly are also carried out entirely in Germany.

What are the advantages of a tricycle with tilting technology?2022-04-28T13:08:53+02:00

With the tilting front wheels, the CHIKE enables tight cornering and a riding experience similar to that of a normal bicycle. Due to the elastomer suspension, it offers a lot of riding comfort for passengers and riders.

Numerous tests have proven how good it is to ride. But nothing beats your own detailed test ride at your nearest CHIKE dealer.

Can the CHIKE also be ridden with the tilt mechanism locked?2022-04-28T13:10:40+02:00

No! The tilt lock is only intended for parking and loading/unloading the CHIKE. At the same time, it makes a separate kickstand superfluous. Please always remember to release the lock before riding off!

How long does it take to convert a CHIKE e-kids to an e-cargo or vice versa?2022-04-28T13:16:32+02:00

Thanks to its modular design, a CHIKE can be easily converted at a later date. Whether from e-kids to e-cargo or vice versa, CHIKE adapts to your life situation.

The conversion takes about 30 minutes. The first time, you should ask the dealer from whom you bought the CHIKE to show you the correct conversion.

What is the best way to load the rack?2022-04-28T13:23:58+02:00

The luggage rack can be loaded with a maximum of 25 kg. Ideally, the load should be carried in one of the Atran Velo system baskets. These can be attached to the rack with a quick-release system.

Can I mount a child seat on the rack?2022-04-28T13:25:06+02:00

It is not permitted to mount a child seat on the rear rack.

How often should I have my CHIKE serviced?2022-04-28T13:25:45+02:00

We recommend that you have the first check done by your dealer after about 200 kilometres. After that, the bike should be inspected every 1000 kilometres or once a year. It’s best to make an appointment early! Especially in spring when bicycle repair shops get very busy!

How far can I ride with the CHIKE on a full battery?2022-06-06T17:37:47+02:00

How many kilometres a fully charged battery will last on the CHIKE depends on many factors. For a cargo bike like the CHIKE, mainly on the load and the assistance level.

External factors also play a role, such as the surface, the terrain, the gradients, the wind conditions and even the outside temperature (the colder, the lower). And of course, your own riding style also has an influence on the range. In short: the more consistent the riding style, the higher the mileage.

As a rough guideline, one battery charge is sufficient for about 80 kilometres at a low support level, about 60 kilometres at a normal support level and about 40 kilometres at a high support level.

Can I ride the CHIKE with an empty battery?2022-04-28T13:39:21+02:00

Yes, it is also possible to ride without pedal assistance. The e-bike system switches off in time so that the battery still has enough charge left for about two hours of light and shifting.

What is the best way to charge the battery of my CHIKE?2022-04-28T13:40:52+02:00

We deliver your CHIKE with a charger. This can easily be plugged into a household socket (110/220 V). You can read the battery charge level on the Shimano display on the handlebars or directly on the battery. Charging can be done directly on the CHIKE through a charging socket on the battery holder or after removing the batteries. Please also observe the manufacturer’s instructions.

Does an e-bike battery need special care?2022-04-28T13:42:20+02:00

The service life of a rechargeable battery can be extended with the correct handling: Read the operating instructions carefully. For instance, it specifies the temperatures at which a battery should be charged. Only charge in dry conditions and only with the original charging cable, for example. If you do not want to use your CHIKE for a longer period of time, it is best to store the battery at about 60 percent of its capacity and at a temperature range of 10 to 15 degrees Celsius. Please also observe the manufacturer’s instructions.

Where can I find information on the torques with which I may tighten the screws on my CHIKE?2022-04-28T13:43:41+02:00

You can find the correct torques in the operating instructions that came with your CHIKE. If you are unsure, please contact your dealer.

Where can I get spare parts for the CHIKE?2022-06-06T17:34:51+02:00

You can get spare parts and accessories from your CHIKE dealer.

Is there a dedicated storage box or garage for the CHIKE?2022-04-28T13:51:55+02:00

In addition to the protective cover for the CHIKE, the company Kiwabo, for example, also offers storage boxes that are ideal for the CHIKE.

Up to what size can my children ride in the CHIKE?2022-04-28T13:57:02+02:00

It is not easy to say up to what size/age children can ride comfortably in the CHIKE e-kids. The decisive factor is usually the seat height. In the cabin of the e-kids, this is about 65 centimetres from the seat to the hood.

In our experience, children up to the age of 7 can ride along well. Without the hood, there is also room for older children in the CHIKE.

From what age can I transport my children in the CHIKE?2022-04-28T13:59:15+02:00

You can take your children in the CHIKE as soon as they can sit stably for a while on their own.

For younger children, we offer an adapter for a MaxiCosi baby car seat.

As the development of babies/toddlers can vary greatly, it is not possible to give a specific age of the child here. We recommend that you seek the advice of your paediatrician.

Which MaxiCosi models can I use in the CHIKE?2022-04-28T14:00:14+02:00

The CHIKE MaxiCosi adapter is compatible with the MaxiCosi models “Pebble”, “Rock” and “Cabrio-Fix”.

Is it possible to transport a MaxiCosi and another child at the same time?2022-04-28T14:03:01+02:00

Yes, the cabin of the e-kids is designed for two passengers. There is room for another child next to the MaxiCosi.

Can I transport more than two children with the CHIKE e-kids?2022-04-28T14:04:06+02:00

No, the CHIKE’s harness system is designed to strap in a maximum of two children.

Can I choose the colour of the upholstery in the cabin?2022-04-28T14:04:58+02:00

Yes, the three upholstery colours of grey, fire red and melon yellow can be freely combined with the current frame colours melon yellow, pigeon blue and black. If you fancy a new colour, you can buy the upholstery separately from your dealer.

What is the best way to secure things on the transport platform?2022-04-28T14:09:36+02:00

The transport platform is equipped with three Airline rails. You can secure the load easily and safely with the appropriate lashing straps.

Systainer holders are available as accessories, Systainers and Maxi-Systainers, for example from Tanos, Festool, Makita and others, can be easily secured on the platform to prevent them from slipping.

What are the dimensions of the transport platform/box?2022-06-06T17:17:57+02:00

Although the CHIKE is very compact, it still has a large loading capacity.

The transport platform has a length of 94 cm and a width of 72 cm. With the surround, a 35 cm high transport box with internal dimensions of 90 cm x 68 cm is created. The transport box offers space for four 40 x 30 cm Euro boxes (the equivalent of a beer crate, for example) on one level. The volume up to the top edge of the box is approx. 210 litres. However, since the height of the load is not limited by the upper edge, but at most by the handlebar, this results in a load volume of at least 300 litres.

Is the transport platform/box designed for the transport of standard Euro boxes?2022-04-28T14:21:46+02:00

The transport platform is designed in such a way that

  • at the rear, next to the head tube, one standard Euro box (or, depending on the height of the box, several stacked) measuring 30 cm x 40 cm, and
  • in front of the head tube either two 30 cm x 40 cm standard Euro boxes or one 40 cm x 60 cm Euro box (or several stacked) fit.
What material is the transport platform and the side panels made of?2022-04-28T14:23:28+02:00

The transport platform and the side panels are made of film coated plywood with a non-slip surface. This is a stable, multi-layered wooden panel that is additionally sealed at the edges for optimum protection against the weather.

Is the platform/side panels also available in a different colour?2022-04-28T14:24:25+02:00

No. However, the side panels can be customised – for example with your own company logo and/or in your own company colour.

What is the best way to load the CHIKE e-cargo?2022-04-28T14:26:21+02:00

For optimal handling, the weight should be as far back as possible and as evenly distributed as possible on both sides on the platform or in the box.

How long does it take to fit the side panels to the transport platform?2022-04-28T14:27:15+02:00

The four side panels can be attached in just a few steps and can also be removed again and stored in a space-saving manner. This way, you can adapt your e-cargo to the respective purpose in no time at all before each ride.

Can I also transport items on the CHIKE that protrude beyond the platform?2022-04-28T14:30:20+02:00

That is possible. The load should then be secured particularly well. You must ensure that parts that protrude to the rear do not interfere with riding. If parts protrude to the front, you should adjust your riding behaviour to the larger dimensions of your vehicle.



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