Whether for the daily ride to school or the weekend trip to the countryside, the CHIKE e-kids is the ideal companion for you and your family!


CHIKE offers you and your children maximum safety.

CHIKE has been designed so you always have your children in sight and thanks to the agile handling, you are in control. If something unexpected should happen, your children are optimally protected by the cabin made of stable aluminium tubes and the five-point seat belts.


Your children’s health is the top priority.

Due to the tilt, there is less transverse stress on the spine, and the suspension absorbs shocks in the best possible way. And thanks to the raised cabin, made of pollutant-free materials in Germany, your children are exposed to significantly less exhaust fumes and fine dust and are protected in all weather conditions.


CHIKE is great fun for the whole family. Thanks to the very wide 70 cm seat section, even two larger children have enough space without having to fight over every centimetre.

The lockable tilt mechanism makes getting in very easy for children. It might be a little difficult to get them out though as riding with CHIKE is so much fun!

CHIKE 2022

Quieter and more efficient

The CHIKE E-Kids and E-Cargo models are now available with a drive upgrade offering increased range with quieter and more efficient riding, whether that’s travelling in the city or on a tour with the family. In addition, we have made improvements to the function and handling of the E-Kids cabin and expanded our range of accessories.

The cargo version of the Shimano Steps E6100 drive now supports pedalling at speeds of up to 25 km/h. The combined muscle and motor powers are transmitted to the Shimano Inter E5 Di2 hub gears by a Gates CDX belt drive. The drive system is powered by the new Shimano Steps 504Wh battery for longer ranges.
Shimano has optimised the E6100 motor in the new CRG version making it ideal for transporting heavy loads. Whilst keeping its proven compact design, the new E6100 CRG motor offers maximum support even at low speeds and with little torque input, which is particularly helpful when starting off with a heavy load. The level of support can be customised via the Shimano E-Tube app.
In combination with the Shimano Nexus Inter E5 Di2 hub gears, there are further advantages including the option of fully automatic shifting or using the start mode, in which the system shifts back to a previously defined gear at a red light, for example. There are also advantages with the belt drive. The high-quality, carbon fibre-reinforced CDX belt from GATES is quiet, does not need to be lubricated and lasts much longer than a chain.

The cabin offers an additional flap at the front of the children’s seat, which prevents small objects from falling out of the leg space without hindering the child’s easy and independent boarding.
We have also improved the roof of the cabin. It is now reinforced with EPP, which prevents water from collecting on the cabin. The roof can be opened at the front so that it is easier to communicate and interact with your children while riding.

For both the E-Kids and the E-Cargo, we offer a CHIKE splash cover. This robust and waterproof canopy for the entire bike can be securely attached to both models.
There are also water-repellent splash guards for the front mudguards of the CHIKE, which are particularly useful when cornering on a rain-soaked road.
Both of these new accessories were designed in partnership with Fahrer Berlin.

RRP 6.999€

*Additional shipping costs may apply outside the core sales area


The powder-coated frame made of 7005 aluminium in combination with exclusive high-quality components ensures that you will have a lifetime of fun with your CHIKE. Various accessories, such as additional transport boxes that can be mounted on the frame or a Maxi-Cosi adapter, allow you to tailor your CHIKE perfectly to your individual needs.


The large windows give your children a great panoramic view. And the small window in the roof means you can always keep an eye on them.

Harness system/padding

Five-point harnesses adjust to your child’s height offering maximum safety and can be used flexibly for one child in the middle or two children side by side. The seat pads are easy to remove for cleaning and are available in different colours.

Drive System

The Shimano STEPS E6100 CRG e-bike system offers you maximum performance and reliability. The intelligent drive support ensures an effortless, natural riding experience. From model year 2022, the CHIKE will feature the new CRG version of the motor, which has been optimised for cargo bikes. The fact that the motor offers maximum support even at low speeds and with little torque input is particularly helpful when starting off with a heavy load. The drive is powered by the Shimano Steps 504Wh battery.

Also new from model year 2022 is the high-quality, carbon fibre-reinforced CDX belt from GATES. Offering a quiet ride, the belt does not require lubrication and lasts much longer than a chain.


The electronically operated Shimano Inter 5E Di2 hub gears ensure fast and smooth performance. The automatic mode guarantees relaxed and safe riding without manual gear changes, including a start mode in which the system automatically shifts back to the previously defined starting gear at a red light, for example.


The suspended tilting chassis makes CHIKE extremely comfortable, safe and manoeuvrable. For relaxed loading and unloading or when your children want to get in, you simply block the tilt mechanism with a switch on the handlebars.


Hydraulic Tektro disc brakes on all three wheels provide absolute control in any traffic situation. The front brake with parking function provides easy, stand-free parking and also for when your children get on and off the bike.


Länge: 192 cm

Breite: 73 cm

Gewicht: 38 kg

Zulässiges Gesamtgewicht: 200 kg

Maximale Zuladung Kabine: 60 kg

Maximale Zuladung Euroboxen: 2 x 12 kg

Maximale Zuladung Gepäckträger: 25 kg

Maximales Fahrergewicht: 100 kg

Material: Aluminium 7005

Dropouts: Slider Dropout

Chassis: Tilt chassis with elastomer shocks

Finish: Powder-coated with undercoat decals

Colours: matt black, pigeon blue, melon yellow

Motor: SHIMANO “E6100 CRG” mid-motor, 250 W rated continuous power

Battery: SHIMANO lithium-ion battery, mounted on the downtube, with BMS, 36 V, 14 Ah, 504 Wh

Gears: SHIMANO Nexus Inter 5 E Di2, electronically shifted, automatic mode (optional)

Crank arms: SHIMANO “FC-E6100”, 170 mm

Pedals: CONTEC “Quick Plus City/Tour”

Front sprocket: GATES “CDX”, 55T

Rear sprocket: GATES “CDX”, 34T

Belt drive: GATES “CDX”, 108T.

Felgen Vorderrad: SCHUERMANN ” Yak Disc” 25-305 24L SW

Naben Vorderrad: BITEX alu 24 Loch 12 mm Steckachse schwarz

Reifen Vorderrad: SCHWALBE ” Big Apple” 50-305 Reflex

Felge Hinterrad: SCHUERMANN ” Yak Disc” 25-406 32L SW

Nabe Hinterrad: SHIMANO “Inter 5-E” DI2

Reifen Hinterrad: SCHWALBE “Big Ben” 55-406

Speichen: 2,0 mm, Niro

Bremse Vorderräder: TEKTRO Scheibenbremse “HD-T525” Auriga Twin

Bremscheiben Vorderräder: TEKTRO “TR140-22 “, 140 mm, 6-Loch

Bremse Hinterrad:  TEKTRO Scheibenbremse “HD-T285”

Bremsscheibe Hinterrad: TEKTRO “TR160-24 “, 160 mm, 6-Loch

Handlebar: SATORI “Noirette” 630 mm, Ø 31,8 mm

Stem: SATORI “UP2 +” 110 mm, Ø 31.8 mm, adjustable angle

Grips: CONTEC “Ergo D3 Plus”

Display: SHIMANO “SC-E6100” LCD, Bluetooth, Remote Control, Walk assist

Shift lever: SHIMANO “SW-E6000”

Seatpost: SATORI “ASTRO” 350 mm, Ø 31,6 mm

Saddle: CONTEC „Volare City EL Uni“

Front beam: B&M “IQ-XS”, 70 Lux

Rear light: SPANNINGA “Pimento XE LED”

Rear rack: ATRAN “Tour 365 AVS 20”

Fenders: chike

Seat width: approx. 68 cm

Seat height (to canopy): approx. 65 cm

Harness: 5-point harness system, flexible use for one or two children

Cushion: easily removable for cleaning, different colours

Hood: removable, with mosquito net


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The right accessories make your CHIKE even more versatile!


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