“The ride and the conditions around child transport in combination with qualitatively well-built components convinced the testers the most.”

ADAC-Motorwelt 10/2021


Test victory for CHIKE e-kids in ADAC cargo bike test

In issue 10/2021, ADAC-Motorwelt explored how suitable three-wheeled cargo bikes are for everyday use, given their increasing popularity.

Convincing riding characteristics

The CHIKE e-kids was convincing among the five test bikes in the riding, drive system and motor, handling and comfort, safety and workmanship and pollutant categories.

The CHIKE scored particularly well in riding and comfort: “The testers were most impressed by the handling and the conditions around the transport of children in combination with the high quality of components.” In addition, the tilt chassis technology performed very well on uneven roads, with excellent results from the computer-controlled comfort analysis.

As well as negotiating a speed bump and cobblestones, the bikes also had to show how they behaved when coming down a high kerb. Here the CHIKE e-kids scored well with both the tilting technology and the integrated elastomer – “All road irregularities are very well cushioned by the e-kids model from CHIKE.”

When it came to transporting children, the testers also liked the seat belt options on the e-kids, as well as the seating area in general: “Here, the children’s transport area corresponds to a protected passenger compartment, comparable to a children’s bicycle trailer.”

Top rating: 2.1

The CHIKE e-kids received the top overall rating of 2.1, which is made up as follows:

  • “Pollutant analysis” – 1.0
  • “Safety and workmanship” – 1.7
  • “Handling and comfort” – 1.9
  • “Ride characteristics” – 2.2
  • “Drive system and motor” – 2.6

Strengths included good brakes, direct steering for agile handling, ride comfort thanks to the elastomer suspension, best lights in the test, relatively low weight of 38 kilograms and good equipment with the transport box.

Magazine: ADAC Magazin
Tested: 5 three-wheeled e-cargo bikes
Verdict:: rating 2.1
All competitors’ results: 2,1; 2,4; 3,0; 3,3; 5,0


“An e-cargo bike to fall in love with. We have yet to meet a rider on the road who wasn’t thrilled. The handling is outstanding for a trike. Just give it a try!”

Bike Bild 4/2021


‘Editors’ choice’ – the CHIKE e-kids in the BIKE Bild magazine

The CHIKE e-kids was a good find for the BIKE Bild editorial team. In one of its very first tests (BIKE Bild 4/2018), the three-track cargo bike with a cabin that can comfortably accommodate one or two children had already won the test.

Now, three years later, the successor model has received the ‘Editors’ choice’ recommendation among four “cargo bikes in the trike class”. The CHIKE e-kids convinced the test riders with its great handling, the slick tilting technology and the cleverly chosen dimensions.

Like a single-track bicycle

“It may look unusual, but we really like the CHIKE. It already showed in our big family test two years ago that it can keep up in a direct comparison with the single-track e-cargo bikes,” noted the editors. Among the four trikes in the current test, it is “in a league of its own”. This is mainly due to the tilting technology, which works so well “that riding actually feels like moving a single-track bicycle. You don’t want to stop riding in serpentine lines.”

The dimensions are also well balanced: with its 73 centimetres, it actually fits through every gap like a normal bicycle. Nevertheless, the cabin offers enough space for two children.

The testers also praised the comfortable seating position, the automatic Shimano Di2 gears and the optional transport boxes. Of the four three-wheeled cargo bikes, the CHIKE was by far the lightest, weighing only 38 kilograms.

Magazin: Bike Bild 4/2021
Test:16 unterschiedliche Cargobikes, davon u.a. 4 Trikes
Ergebnis: Kauftipp; schriftliche Bewertung im Fazit.
Alle Ergebnisse: schriftliche Bewertungen, kein direkter Vergleich durch Noten.


“The Chike E-Kids is a lot of fun with its tilting technology and exciting cargo concept. The tricycle is also convincing in terms of safety.”

Radfahren 3/2021


Gentle cradle: Rating of “very good” and “purchase tip” for the CHIKE e-kids

‘Radfahren’ magazine describes the CHIKE e-kids as a “gentle cradle” with an exciting cargo concept that is fun to ride. In the test (in issue 3/2021), the CHIKE e-kids not only received the rating “very good”, but also the award “purchase tip”.

After a few metres of riding to get used to the tilting technology, the smooth-running Chike goes almost by itself, writes Radfahren: “The curve inclination comes very close to the natural riding behaviour of a classic bicycle. At the same time, the tricycle provides a lot of safety.”

The Shimano STEPS E6100 drive system also suits the natural riding experience. “It’s not a brute powerhouse, but a cultivated supporter.” Everything seems high-quality and comfortable: “Even the rider doesn’t have to do without comfort: The saddle and grips are comfortable, the seating position upright.”

Perfectly protected with panoramic view

With the e-kids, the main focus is on transporting children. And this is done in a stable passenger cell very similar to the children’s bicycle trailer – except that the children have a complete panoramic view at the front. The passenger compartment is “enclosed by a robust tubular frame. An enclosing tarpaulin is attached to it to protect little passengers from wind and weather. The children – two fit comfortably side by side in the box – sit on a full-length bench seat in the CHIKE e-kids, secured by size-adjustable five-point harnesses.”

Magazine: Radfahren 3/2021
Testrd: 16 cargo bikes for family and transport usage, from 2699 up to 8865 euros
Verdict: “purchase tip”, Rating 1.5 (very good)
All competitors’ results: 2 x 1.3; 4 x 1.4; 7 x 1.5; 2 x 1.6; 1.7; 1.9


“The CHIKE is an excellent family bike. Rideable, fun, compact, super child seats, reasonable equipment. Only small things could spoil the fun in everyday use, but overall, it’s really well done.”

Radelbande, Youtube 16.10.2020


“…very close to the perfect family bike”

The ‘Radelbande’ blog has made it its mission to show (e)cargo bikes and mobility without a car of one’s own and how a family can make a transport change in everyday life.

On as well as on his YouTube channel, he presented the CHIKE e-kids in detail and in a very balanced way in two articles in autumn 2020.

Magazine: Radelbande, Youtube channel
Tested: detailed test of the CHIKE e-kids
Verdict: rating in video description as well as in the film
All competitors’ results: single test


“It’s probably the most family-friendly cargo bike on the market right now… According to our test, the CHIKE e-kids gets a clear purchase recommendation from us. Anyone looking for a cargo bike for transporting children should definitely take a look at this bike and try it out.”

Fahrradblog, May 2019


Purchase recommendation for the CHIKE e-kids

The ‘Fahrradblog’ tested the CHIKE e-kids for 14 days under the very different demands of a family – a leisurely trip to the lake, errands and everyday journeys in city traffic and, to top it all off, a camping weekend with a bike. In total, more than 200 kilometres were covered, which led to a well-founded conclusion: The CHIKE e-kids is one of the most family-friendly cargo bikes on the market.

The parents as riders and the children as passengers benefit from the riding behaviour: “It rides like a bike, not like a typical cargo bike. The tilting technology makes corners a real pleasure and they really almost feel as if you are riding through them on a normal two-wheeler. On asphalt, you feel safe at high speeds,” is how the Fahrradblog sums up the riding characteristics.

In order to test the CHIKE at really high speeds, the testers went all out: “In a test without children, but with sandbags to simulate the weight, we rode downhill at speeds of up to 53 km/h. The CHIKE e-kids remains stable. There is no lurching and no fluttering wheels at the front. The suspension swallows every bump and keeps the front of the cabin steady.”

In general, the elastomer suspension is “amazing”, as the children usually don’t notice bumps at all. How the damping works was captured in a video by the Fahrradblog.

Regarding the dimensions, the testers noted: With its width of 73 centimetres, it fits through all the bottleneck gates. Also, because “it is not 2 metres long and has a strong steering angle in addition to the tilting technology, the turning circle is also incredibly tight.” At no point did they “reach the limits of flexibility.”

Magazine: Fahrradblog 2019
Tested: single test
Verdict: written review; “purchase recommendation”
All competitors’ results:: single test


“Great handling characteristics! You want to ride this all the time. The children sit very well in it. The load fits into the boxes on the frame. Automatic gear shifting is great. The bike is short, narrow and light. It fits perfectly into small gaps in the garage.”

Bike Bild 4/2018


Seven families – seven months – first place for the CHIKE e-kids

BIKE Bild really took its time for this test in 2018: Over seven months, seven families had tried out seven e-cargo bikes for families in detail in everyday life. Each family had each bike for one month, then came the next – so everyone learned which features and details are important in everyday life. Who better to judge e-cargo bikes for families than families?

That’s why we were very pleased in autumn 2018 that the CHIKE e-kids won the test overall. The e-kids scored a total of 39 out of 49 points (each family scored 7 points for the best-rated bike and only one point for the bike in seventh place).

The editorial team’s conclusion: “Our project has shown that cargo bikes can be an enormous benefit for families. They are usually cheaper than a (second) car, take up less space, ride more ecologically and – an important argument – children have much more fun in the boxes of cargo bikes than in the back of cars.”

Magazine: Bike Bild 4/2018
Tested: long term test of 7 bikes over 7 months, performed by 7 families
Verdict: 39 out of 49 points; test victory
All competitors’ results: 11, 18, 25, 32, 35, 36, 39 points



Cargobike of the Year-Award 2021


“International Cargobike of the Year 2021” Award in the “Light Cargobikes” category for the CHIKE e-cargo

In addition to the easy transportation of loads, it convinced with its slim clearance width of 73 centimetres. It also scored in the ride characteristics with its tilting chassis concept, the agile handling with good payload as well as the compact design and easy maintenance.

The Cargobike of the Year Award is presented in three categories by the trade journal Logistra, published by Huss, and takes into account the trend towards cargo bike logistics and the use of cargo bikes in the commercial sector as well.



“With the CHIKE e, we are convinced by the entire concept. Children are well protected. The bike is compact and easy to steer thanks to the tilting technology. For loading, the tilting technology can be locked and the brake blocked, a clever feature.”

The Eurobike Award is one of the most important awards that a company in the bicycle and mobility industry can achieve. Friedrichshafen-located Eurobike is the leading trade fair for the bicycle industry, honouring exciting new products and forward-looking innovations.