Transport box with lockable lid

Ideal if you want to transport a large load in addition to your children. The boxes (40 x 30 x 27 cm) can be easily attached to and removed from the frame of your CHIKE using a quick-release clip system. The lockable boxes can only be used with the CHIKE e-kids.

RRP 149,95 €

Transport box without lid

The transport boxes without lids can be used with both the kids and the cargo version.

RRP 99,95 €

Fastening set for transport box

The fastening set can be screwed into the threaded eyelets provided and is needed to attach the transport boxes to the CHIKE.

RRP 36,95 €

MaxiCosi adapter

With the adapter you can securely fix a MaxiCosi in the cabin in one easy step. This means you can also take smaller children with you in your CHIKE. The MaxiCosi can either be mounted in the middle or on one side meaning that a second child can also travel in the CHIKE. The adapter is only compatible with the MaxiCosi models CabrioFix, Pebble and Rock.

RRP 229,95 €


The surround turns the transport platform into a transport box. The four side panels can be attached and removed in a few seconds and stored in a space-saving way.

RRP 274,95 €


The canopy, made by Fahrer Berlin, provides privacy and protection from the rain. The integrated glass fibre rod prevents water from collecting on the canopy.

RRP 249,95 €

Tensioning straps

Tension straps with fittings at both ends allow easy fixing on the airline rails embedded in the platform. This means you can easily secure any kind of load for riding.

RRP 29,95 €

Systainer adapters (set of 4)

The Systainer adapters are inserted into the holes provided on the platform. This makes it easy to secure Systainers and Maxi-Systainers (e.g. from Tanos, Festool, Makita, etc.) on the platform to prevent them from slipping.

RRP 29,95 €

Splash protection flaps

Splash protection flaps developed by Fahrer Berlin for easy mounting on the front mudguards of your CHIKE.

RRP 15,95 € (pro Seite)

Protective cover

Robust cover that can be securely attached to both the e-kids and the e-cargo. Developed and optimised by Fahrer Berlin for the CHIKE.

RRP 159,95 €

Cushion set incl. belt system

Children fancy a new look? No problem, the cushions in your CHIKE can be easily replaced. Available in grey, flame red and melon yellow.

RRP 195 €

Transport platform

The kids are big enough to ride their own bikes and you want to convert your CHIKE into a transporter? No problem! The conversion kit includes the platform, the mounting plates and everything you need for assembly. Simply contact the dealer where you bought your CHIKE and they will be happy to carry out the conversion for you.

RRP 494,95 €


With this kit you can convert your CHIKE cargo for your children. The kit includes the cabin (pads have to be ordered separately). Simply contact the dealer where you bought your CHIKE and they will be happy to carry out the conversion for you.

UVP 1399,95 €

  • You can buy the relevant accessories from your CHIKE dealer.